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open call | re:sourcing European Summer School 2023
The FUNKEN academy’s European summer school is devised to be an interdisciplinary Pan-European collaboration network among cultural institutions, high-tech institutes, experienced artists and young creatives alike. At the intersection of arts and technology, it creates novel content for artistic education and production, sparking an eye-level discourse around the potential of new technologies for general society as well as the art world.

The technologies that the research partners provide for the FUNKEN Academy – re:sourcing programm offer artists specific and novel possibilities in working with different matter, such as metal, DNA, and fungi. Over the term of the course we use them to expand the media and possibilities of artistic creation and modelling. At the same time, we invite participants to reflect artistically on the technological procedures.

LBPF technology enables the production of delicate solid metal structures in a 3D printing process. In another 3D printing process, self-growing, evolving structures can be produced from mycelium-impregnated substrate. With another technology and in a completely different dimension, DNA strands can be folded on a nanoscopic level.

The FUNKEN Academy will experiment with these technologies and explore the questions: 

  • How does high-tech access to material shape the human and artistic use of resources? 
  • What happens when we embark on a journey into the nanosphere for creative interventions? 
  • What emerges when we design and shape with technical means in collaboration with another species? 
  • Which codes and messages will be more important than their material value in the future?

The detailed Open Call can be downloaded here:

Open Call | re:sourcing | European Summer School 2023